What to say to Alcohol Pushers from Guest Blogger Jordan

Alcohol Pushers

Hi friends! Have you ever noticed how many people try to push drinking onto their friends?! Like, some people cannot be out drinking alone… Clearly drinking has to happen as a group activity…uh, WRONG!! Some people don’t drink—some people don’t want to and some people cannot and should not—yet the simple “no thanks” is never enough for people. As a non-drinker myself, oftentimes I get the “just try a sip” or “one small taste won’t turn you into an alcoholic”. We asked our long-time non-drinking friend Jordan what she says to people who push alcohol on her and how she

5 Easy Drinks to Make Behind the Bar

Bartenders! Listen up! This one’s for you! Today my team and I have selected some of our favorite EASY-TO-MAKE mocktails for you to check out, so that you can whip something up for that non-a drinker sitting across your bar. Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade Water, sugar, lemonade, sparkling water, and some raspberries–it’s pretty likely you’re going to have all of this behind your bar (and if you don’t have the raspberries, substitute with something else tasty that you do have on hand!). Try It here! Cranberry Orange Mocktail “Hmmmm, what do I have on-hand to make this patron something yummy?” We’ve

Pinterest Round-up: Halloween Mocktails

Halloween Mocktails

My team and I have rounded up five delicious mocktails for Halloween night, whether you’re out walking the streets with a group or staying in solo. The Sacrifice I’m not lying when I say baby is a show-stopper. She’s pretty, and yeah, she tastes good too! Candy Corn Mocktail We just couldn’t leave this one out—do you like candy corn? Harvest Apple Mule My team was excited to find this one (they’re kinda obsessed with mules–of the moscow variety usually). Pairing the lemon juice with the apple cider is genius, and if you omit the vodka, you’re going to wake

Halloween Survival Kit for Parents

Halloween Survival Kit for Parents

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? HALLOWEEN IS BASICALLY HERE! Are you ready to be chasing your kids around the neighborhood, asking strangers for candy (odd concept if you really think about it…). Just know that I have been there, done that with all three of my kids and, although my oldest is not the biggest fan of trick-or-treating, I have put together a list of must-have items for that cold Halloween night. You ready? Let’s get to it! Crock Pot You might have this hiding in your kitchen, but if you don’t now is the time

You’d be more fun if you drank! | How to Internally Handle the Statement “You’d be more fun if you drank!”

Choosing not to drink

“You’d be more fun if you drank!” “Come on, just one!” “It’s not gonna kill ya to have a drink.” “Don’t be a baby!” We’ve all had that friend (or non-friend) push and push and push us to take that shot, drink that cocktail, or have that glass of wine–but enough is enough. We don’t have to do it. We don’t have to because we work the next day. We don’t have to because we want to stay on track with our nutrition. We don’t have to because we’re moms who have responsibilities. We don’t have to because we don’t

How to Order a Non-Alcoholic Drink at a Bar | Tips from a Bartender

I have a few friends on the Marnie Rae team and they SWEAR by Monica–she’s a local bartender who knows the ins and outs (but is relatively new the whole mocktail movement)–and we’re talking about lots of alcohol-free things today! Monica says some people get it, and some people don’t: “If you go to a bar that has a lot of great ingredients, like bitters in different flavors, you will definitely have a better selection of fun mocktails. Butttt, on the other hand, if you go to a local hole-in-the-wall, your best bet is going to be orange juice, cranberry,

Your fall mocktail book is waiting for you inside!

You guys! We’re so excited to bring this mini eBook to you with five of our favorite fall recipes! We’re showing off the one you need to make for yourself when you’re chilled to the bone, but then head to the bottom of the page and enter your email to get the eBook sent RIGHT to your inbox. Ingredients: •1 ½ oz spicy ginger syrup •1 oz lemon juice •½ oz raw honey •sparkling cider •star anise •apple Instructions: Combine the spicy ginger syrup, lemon juice, and honey in a glass. Top with sparkling cider and garnish with star anise

Top 5 Marnie Rae Recipes for Sober October

Set featured image It’s #SoberOctober and that means so many of you (even those of you who are drinkers) are jumping on the ship and putting down the bottle for the month. What do you think that’ll do for you? Maybe you’ll have more clarity. Maybe you’ll gain more energy. Maybe you’ll sleep better. Maybe you’ll be more focused. Maybe you’ll save some coin. Maybe you’ll (insert any positive effect here). We pulled together our favorite, tried-and-true Marnie Rae alcohol-free drinks and wanted to share them with you so that you can enjoy #SoberOctober with ease (and deliciousness!). Harvest Moon

Shop Highlight #sobernotboring Shirts

Most of you have caught on, but I wanted to make it crystal clear: THIS COMMUNITY IS ABOUT BEING #SoberNotBoring. And one way of the ways we push the movement forward is by showing up, in our shirts, and giving people something to talk about. So many of you have purchased these shirts for yourself and maybe even more of you have sent them to a loved one. If you’re looking to make a statement, snag a shirt here and then PLEASE tag me in your photos!!!! I’ve GOTTA see it on ya, in action, doing the good work that

Pinterest Round-up Fall Favorites

Fall is here and we are have a HUGE lineup of amazing mocktails coming out, but before we get too deep, I wanted to showcase a few alcohol-free beverages that would be PERFECT for your autumn parties and get-togethers–and they all share a common theme: APPLES! Which is kinda perfect for me since I’m in Washington state 😉 See all fall recipes on my pinterest This is a #MarnieRaeMocktail and guys, it’s SO. FREAKING. GOOD. It’s refreshing and crisp, but still gives you that warmth from within (with the spicy ginger syrup). See the recipe here A through and through