Hasta la vista January

Tea pot you're not alone The last day of January.  Those 31 days slipped right by, didn’t they?

If you’re like most people you made some resolutions, some proclamations, set some goals, wrote some things down.  Did you take any steps towards accomplishing them yet?  One little step?  Or are you still thinking about it?

Apparently I’m still thinking about it because it’s January 31st today and I’m really not quite sure how it happened.

One of my blogger friends opens herself up to confession every Tuesday…to her community.  Yikes.  That could be considered being authentic, getting out of your head, or maybe just plain scary.  I’m thinking confession might help me move out of a dismal, emotional January and into a light and lovely February so here goes…

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Are you going to the Superbowl?

American football on field with goal post in background.

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and the 12th Man!  The Seahawks have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and with one Superbowl appearance under their belt I’d say it’s their turn for a trip to the Superbowl.  Not to mention, this hard working team deserves it.

We can all imagine how much hard work went into the building of this team, success never happens overnight.  At some point in time, all of these men started at zero – a pee wee footballer with big dreams of going to the Superbowl someday.  Haven’t we all had similar dreams?  To be a journalist, to be on Oprah, to travel the world, to have our own business, or to raise amazing children that will head off into the world with their own dreams.

So how are you going to get to your Superbowl?

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The surprising reason you haven’t got your dream off the ground – and here’s why you will




How many times in your lifetime have you heard “Dream big” or “Go big or go home”? 

A lot?  Yea, me too.  I may even be guilty of encouraging a few you to do just that.

Are you by nature a Big Dreamer?

How many of your big dreams have you acted on?  Yea, me too:(

Here’s why…

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If You Give A Mouse A Cookie – The Dreamer Version


How many times have you read the children’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”?

Let’s rewrite…

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Stop the madness of busy

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I despise busy.

Busy is soul-sucking and stressful and a liar.  Busy tells us we are important and productive and needed.  I will have my revenge on busy. Someday I will lounge in my favorite chair with a good book and spend my entire day reading it from start to finish AND I will not feel guilty. Heh.

Can we be done with busy? I don’t know if it’s possible because let’s face it, the s*&t just needs to get done. Doesn’t it?  Busy has taken over and it’s leaving us feeling tired, stressed, unproductive and uninspired. When will we ever have the time to train for the 1/2 marathon/start a blog/write a book/volunteer/figure out our life?? When?

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Mom and Me and Mom – Book Club Review #2


Girls.  I have put off writing this post.  I even suggested that maybe you all should write the review (I would have loved that because I think it’s so much  more fun to hear a variety of opinions).

Here’s the deal.

I didn’t like this book. :(

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So you decided it’s the Inner Mean Girl talking to you, now what?

Good lord she’s relentless isn’t she???

In my last post we talked about how to tell if it’s your Inner Mean Girl, aka Fear & Doubt, or your Reality Ally raising a ruckus in your head.  So you’ve determined that it’s really IMG.  I’m so sorry.  I was hoping you were the 1 in 800,000 that doesn’t have an IMG living in her head.

Now what?

You’re not really going to let her get the best of you are you?  You need some weapons for your arsenal.  I’m going to hand over some of my favorite ones.  Use them all and use them frequently.  Use them until they become habit. 

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How to tell if you’re listening to your Inner Mean Girl or your Reality Ally

My fear voice says

I had a great summer, I hope you did too.  My summer of 2013 was full of running, water-skiing, reading, sunbathing, writing, watching basketball, writing, reading, and basically enjoying my family and friends.  It was also the summer of working hard at learning what makes Fear & Doubt tick so I can have a few more weapons in my arsenal for when the voices show up. 

Y’all hear the voices right?  Please please tell me it’s not just me.

Not the “I should be medicated” kind of voices. I’m talking about the voices in your head that give you 182 reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do something.

The voices of Fear and Doubt.

Some of the things I’ve learned are almost laughable, I’ve placed such an importance on what Fear & Doubt say and now that I can actually see how they work I’m almost embarrassed that I ever listened to them.  Here’s a few tidbits that you might find helpful:

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Be the one

Dear ladies, friends, Kind Tribers,

May I ask you a favor?

Today will you be the one?

You know…the one.

The one that leads by example.

The one that brings a positive energy to the room.

The one that defies her culture, her environment, her upbringing, her self-inflicted stereo-type and does life differently.  And better.

The one that rises above.

The one that says “hell yes” and also “hell no”.

That one.


Photo courtesy of Kim Poole

Photo courtesy of Kim Poole

It would really mean a lot to us if you could.

I know it’s hard.

And sometimes really lonely.

But we need you.

We need you to show us how.

Because when you decide to be the one, this happens.

Photo courtesy of Kim Poole

Photo courtesy of Kim Poole

One by one, we find the courage to be the one too.

Thanks, we appreciate your courage.



Just keep dreaming

Dream big words

Here’s the thing…

A fun little Facebook challenge – turn to the person next to you and say your dream out loud or post it on our FB wall – revealed to me through e-mails from a few different people that…there are many of you without a dream.  And you’re not happy about it.  In fact, your kind of frustrated and concerned.

Confession:  I am 46 years old and just found my ‘dream’ two years ago.  It took me 46 years of learning, trying, and making mistakes to figure this out.  And here’s the kicker, it’s just my dream today.  Today it’s what makes me excited to get the day started, it wakes me up at 2:30 in the morning with fresh ideas, it gives me energy.  But it may not be my dream a year from now.

Kids grow, people leave your life, people come into your life, it rains, it shines…everything is temporary and changing all of the time.  All. of. the time.

It makes me think of the quote “life is about the journey, not the destination”.  Absolutely wouldn’t it be great to see your dreams come true but I believe the joy and the learning all comes in the process.

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