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November 4, 2023  •
Cancer  |  Inspiration  |  Midlife

Talking Midlife, Cancer, and Sobriety on the Asking For a Friend podcast

I think one of the things I love the most about the online community are the connections. Meeting people I never would have met if not for blogging and podcasting.

Michele Folan with the Asking For a Friend podcast is one of those people. Her show talks all things midlfe – from exercise to sobriety to sleep to sex. I was so honored to be invited as a guest to share my midlife journey and experience navigating sobriety and cancer. Many times midlife (and life in general) is not what you had in mind, but there are still opportunities to find the good.

 You can click here to listen as we talk about selfcare and listening to our bodies, my cancer journey, sobriety, and how I worked through the diagnosis by writing.

This podcast was the ultimate test of my patience and ability: trying to interview from my quiet bedroom until they started mowing the lawn, moved to the office which wasn’t quite done with construction and the sound was terrible, finally moved to my closet but made so much noise bumping around as I moved from room to room…Michele probably had to pay her editor extra;)

I hope you enjoy the episode! I’d love to hear your midlife story too! Seems that we all end up with a few surprises.

Be sure to follow Michele on Instagram and subscribe to her podcast. She covers some topics that I think you will appreciate. And you’ll get to hear some favorites of mine like Mocktail Mom!