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November 2, 2023  •
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My Podcast Interview on the Mocktail Mom Show!

Well this was fun!

I stumbled across Deb at Mocktail Mom one night on Instagram. There she was, posting from “the great state of Kentucky!”, sharing all kinds of ways to make a mocktail and making me smile in the process.

In the particular post that caught my attention she was talking about National Mocktail Week. Back story: If you didn’t know, I am the Founder of National Mocktail Week. I DM’d her to tell her I was the Founder and a friendship was born! You’ll hear her story in the interview, she had just said to her husband “Who is the person that creates National Mocktail Week? How does that even work?” when my message came through. Divine intervention:)

Deb has taken the mocktail and NA world by storm, I’m so proud to call her a friend. I think the thing about her that I really resonate with is that she’s really trying to focus on the JOY in not drinking. Such a fresh perspective and inspiration for life in general.

I’d love for you to take a listen to our podcast chat (link here), let me know what you think! We cover National Mocktail Week, what it was like making mocktails before they were even a thing, drunk texting and drunk shopping, and the best part: the joy that comes from living life alcohol free:)

You can find all the best mocktail recipes and sober tips by following Deb here:

Mocktail Mom



And if you’re looking for a fun, sober community be sure to check out her membership. You might even see me in there for a Happy Half Hour:)