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January 17, 2020  •
Mocktail Recipes

Favorite Mocktail Week Recipes

The fun thing about National Mocktail Week is that you can really drink whenever you want! No need to worry about getting fired, waking up with a hangover, or spending a ton on liquor.

To kickstart your brain, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite mocktails for ya:

For your favorite men, the Fire Away is a top-choice!


Favorite Mocktail
Favorite Mocktail


The Red Crown is a mocktail that is fun to make and super gorgeous!

For those savory lovers, the Pickled Beet Bloody Mary will satisfy alllll of those mouth-watering cravings!

If you have a friend with a, hmmmm, how shall we say it, small palate, they may really like this fancy hot chocolate.

For batching your drinks, the Spiced Mulled “Wine” is delicious, as is our Winter Sans-gria.



And as always, the Spicy Grapefruit Margarita and the Mimic Mule are just unbeatable.

Hope you’re enjoying National Mocktail Week!

-Marnie Rae