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January 17, 2020  •
Mocktail Recipes

Dry January with Gruvi

Dry January with Gruvi
Dry January with Gruvi

We are so excited to be partnering up with one of our favorite NA bev companies: Grüvi!

They’ve got a great #DryJanuary challenge going on and we are happy to be part of it! We created a mocktail just for this occasion–it’s using their prosecco and it’s really crisp and refreshing!



Oh, and maybe the best part (for you guys), Grüvi is offering a discount code during National Mocktail Week!!! WOOHOO! Use code Marnie15 to get 15% off your order, and friends, don’t just stock up on the prosecco, because my husband and daughter both LOVE their AF beer (both their IPA and Weisse), or even better, snag the sample pack so you can taste test them all!

Here’s a little bit about Grüvi from them:

Less than a year ago Grüvi was created. We realized that the alcohol-free space was limited and lacking interesting new products, and well some LOVE! We wanted to create a beverage that we could enjoy in social settings without the pressure to consume alcohol. As a family we lived a relatively healthy lifestyle and started to question the role of alcohol in our lives and in society overall. We created Grüvi, a line of low calorie craft beers & wines that we could enjoy guilt-free and without waking up with a hangover. Within a matter of months we packed the car to the brim, dog included, and drove from Toronto to Denver to launch Grüvi! And wow, what a journey it has been. The boys started off heading door to door getting people to try Grüvi during the week, and on weekends we were busy doing markets, fairs & music festivals. We were immensely touched by all the people we met along our journey and what it meant to them to be able to enjoy a craft alcohol-free beer, not to mention the ladies (and some gents) going crazy learning we had an AF prosecco as well! As a company we have made it our priority to get out and interact with our community. It is amazing to see the alcohol-free space continuously growing and we hope to see a future where everyone feels included regardless of their beverage of choice. Where we can enjoy social events, with or without alcohol. So cheers to getting Grüvi in the next decade.

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