How-To-Host-Your-Own-Mocktail-Party Guide

Mocktail Party Guide

IT’S NATIONAL MOCKTAIL WEEEEEEEEEK! And so many of you have reached out to get the skinny on how YOU can throw your OWN party, so we’ve put together this blog post for you!

Pick your people!

Select a few of your closest (or funnest) friends and invite them over for an impromtu party! You’ll wanna mix and mingle and have a moment to say hi and converse with each person there, so keep the guest list short!

Make a playlist!

Put on some feelgood music or a playlist you already love and just let that be playing in the background.

Bigger guest list: Batch your recipes!

If you have more than a ten guests you might want to stick to recipes you can batch. We love these from the #MarnieRaeMocktail list!

Smaller guest list: Individial drinks!

If you have a handful of guests, it could be fun to have a couple of options and create the drinks together! This will give you some one-on-one time with your guests as they enter and you prepare a mocktail together AND it allows for them to learn the recipe a bit and alter it to their taste preferences. A couple of crowd favorites are the Spicy Grapefruit Margarita and The Mimic Mule.

Charcuterie boards are ALWAYS the way to go!

Meat and cheese boards are the best. We would encourage you to have some sort of appetizer out and ready as people get there. This gives people something to do right when they arrive—grab a drink and snag some appetizers and mix and mingle.

Skip the decor!

Your friends love you for you–so skip the fancy decor and just put out a nice spread and serve up some good drinks and you’ll be set.

We can’t WAIT to see your mocktail parties–would you do us a favor and tag us @marnieraec and #nationalmocktailweek.

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