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I’m Marnie Rae, proud working Mom with 3 kids and a hard working, entrepreneur of a husband. I love family, the outdoors, coffee, and the Seattle Seahawks – in that order. My kryptonite is bread. All kinds, any time, day or night. I am the proud founder of National Mocktail Week:)

I also love being able to go out for a lovely meal with my friends and family and order a beautiful and delicious soft cocktail (no alcohol). But friends, they are hard to find.

15 years ago I got sober and it didn’t take long for me to realize that fun, delicious, grown-up cocktails were not an option in most of the hospitality world. The iced teas, sodas, “Virgin Something-or-others” and big pint glasses with straws always made me feel like I was at the kids table. I was missing a social environment where I felt included.


On this site you’ll find amazing, grown-up af (ahem…alcohol-free) recipes but I also have a firm belief that this is about a much bigger picture than a beverage. This is about making people feel welcome, included, thought of, and a part of something. I bet you didn’t know you could do that with a cocktail did you?

So alongside the recipes we’re going to share stories about caring well for our guests a little bit about what it looks like to live a sober lifestyle – the dry life:) See also: #sobernotboring

Shauna Niequist sums it up nicely:

“This is how the world changes - little by little, table by table, meal by meal, hour by hour. This is how we chip away at isolation, loneliness, fear. This is how we connect, in big and small ways - we do it around the table.”


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Cover Feature Article

We are so happy and pleased to have been featured on the cover of Westsound Home & Garden Magazine for March/April 2018 Issue. Checkout the lovely article.