Sometimes we live in a world that’s overly sensitive. And then sometimes it seems big and scary and really harsh. There’s gotta be a happy medium–a balance of sorts, some sort of harmony we’re all striving to find (at least I know I am). So how do we achieve this balance/happy medium/harmony thing?!

I think it comes from those many levels of awareness, that come to us through different experiences, situations, and learning.

And I think part of my responsibility here is to help you learn and grow, and gain that level of awareness you maybe didn’t possess before.

Let’s say you’re hosting a dinner party–and you’ve invited over a few of your closest friends. You’re so excited because you’re going to be serving surf and turf. So you get to work, figuring out the best sides, selecting the right drinks to pair, and picking out a cute napkin to add a little extra flare.

And then you remember that Jenna is a vegetarian.

And you’re thinking she’ll be fine eating sides or whatever.


You know that you want to be as inclusive as possible and you want her to enjoy herself, so you find an alternative that’s equally as amazing as the steak and lobster you’re serving to everyone else. Because you want Jenna to have an amazing time–and feel a part of the group, and enjoy the night just as much as anyone else.

Now that you’ve made it this far, you’re like “okay Marnie, why are you telling me this story about Jenna, your vegetarian friend, who won’t eat surf and turf?”

Because just like you wouldn’t invite a vegetarian over for steak, you wouldn’t invite a sober friend over for a cocktail.

So take a moment and think about how people are often times proud to be vegetarians, and then understand that that’s not the case usually for the sober. So we aren’t always as loud and proud about it, but we WILDLY appreciate you offering us a beautiful alcohol-free beverage, so that we don’t feel like a kid at the grown ups table with juice or water.

Stay vigilant, stay aware, and stay kind my friends!


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