Salting the rim of your glass not only gives you impeccable presentation, but also adds contrasting flavor profiles to the drinks you create. If you’re new to the garnish game, sit back and continue reading, we got you!

Salting rims are made up of two components; the liquid and the solid.

Liquid components can include water, juice, and syrups.

Solids components can include salt (your most common cocktail rim), sugar, crushed candies, spices, and herbs.

“The biggest mistake that everyone makes when making rims at home is you get the salt on the inside of the glass.” – Don Lee, a partner at NYC Cocktail Destination Existing Conditions.

You don’t want the garnished rim flavor to throw off your drink flavor, only compliment it.

Steps to salting your rim:

  1. Wet outer rim of you glass with a damp paper towel or use a shallow dish about ¼ inch and wipe excess liquid with a paper towel if needed.

  2. In a different shallow dish, put your solid rim ingredients, and again, only garnish the outside of the glass. An easy way to do this is to tip the glassware horizontally, and wipe away excess. If any unwanted garnish falls in your glass, a napkin or paper towel can swipe it away.

Pro-tip: Some bartenders only salt half the rim, allowing the customer to alternate drinking with or without garnish–a nice touch.

-Marnie Rae

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