You guys! I am super excited about some things we’ve got in the hopper over here, I can’t share them yet but here’s a quote to give you a clue about one of them:

“When unique voices are united in common cause, they make history.” ~ Gloria Steinem

I’m just gonna leave you with that AND a list of some of my favorite mocktail creators! I encourage you to check them out on social and share with your people too:)

The Mocktail Project – we love Jessie over here:) This guy is CREATING CHANGE like no other and helping those in need all at the same time. Some day we’re gonna collaborate, I just know it:)

This Vivacious Life – I met Chandice at the Tastemakers Conference (link if you can find it) a year ago and I think it’s safe to say she might be my Woman Crush on any given Wednesday. Not only is she welcoming and kind but friends, she figured out how to make a Dirty Martini with no vodka. Not sure how much you know about my story but back in the day martinis were my thing. I might be a little excited to give this new drink a try.

SoberSis – Another friend that I haven’t met IRl yet but this woman has good vibes, good energy, and a big heart. She drinks mocktails often and makes them simple for anyone to throw together while enjoying an afternoon on the patio.

Served by Soberon – You want cocktails AND mocktails? This is your guy. An amazing mixologist that took mocktails seriously even before his wife was pregnant;) I have big love for a bartender that gets it.

McNicol Makes – another one for cocktails and mocktails. This girl competes frequently in the Home Bar Awards and you won’t believe her drinks. She has a Dry January highlight on her Instagram with some great tips for making your own mocktails.

Julia Bainbridge – If there were a Louis Vuitton or Christian Louboutin of mocktails, she would be it. Prepare to be inspired and amazed by her creations.

Who am I missing? Send me your favorite mocktail creators!

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