Sourcing quality ingredients is actually something I really enjoy doing for a couple of reasons:

1. It takes these AF drinks to a whole new level, when the ingredients are fresh and of good quality.

2. I get to meet lots of cool people on the way–whether it’s the head of the company or someone I’m casually chatting with at the grocery store as we bond over the contents of our cart–so much of this movement is people.

I wanted to jot down my favorites for you, so that you can snag a few of these items to have on hand at your bar and you’re ready to serve up the tastiest of the tastiest.

Ginger Beer:

1. Bundaberg

2. Cock N Bull

3. Bedford’s Sodas (local – Port Angeles!!)

4. Rachel’s Ginger Beer (also Seattle!!) – flavored

Club Soda:

1. Fever Tree

2. Q

Simple Syrup:

1. Portland Syrups

2. Simple Goodness sisters

3. Tippleman’s

4. Fire Syrup (Spicy Grapefruit margarita’s baby!)


1. RW Knutsen

2. Iggy’s

3. Element Shrubs

Rim garnishes:

1. Jacobson Salt

2. Rose Petals from Golden

3. Trader Joe’s Candied Ginger

4. The Spice House Lavender Vanilla Sugar


1. Limes

2. Mint

3. Edible Flowers (local grocery)

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