I cannot believe it is almost September! Like, what? Soon we will be bundled in boots and scarfs and watching football while it pours outside. Until then (we still have a tiny bit of summer left), i will leave you with a Pinterest round-up of yummy drinks that would make your Labor Day weekend a delicious, relaxing success!

Watermelon Fizz Mocktail

Watermelon, mint, and lime. Need i say more? If these ingredients all mixed together don’t make your mouth water then i don’t know what will!

Cucumber Ginger Mint Agua Fresca

Batch recipes are perfect for any holiday weekend! No sitting behind the bar and churning out drinks all night—this one can be pre-made and put into a pitcher! It practically serves itself!

Hibiscus and Ginger Kombucha Margarita Mocktail

This drink is the prettiest thing i have ever seen! Hibiscus, ginger, and kombucha sounds pretty darn tasty- rimmed with a salt and sugar mixture combines sweet ad salty! YUM!

Coconut Lime Spritzer Summer Mocktail

This refreshing drink is perfect for poolside, lakeside, oceanside, whatever-side activities you have on the agenda!

Lavender Thyme Kombucha Sparkler

This is a Marnie Rae favorite recipe! This drink features Iggy’s Kombucha, a local FAVORITE company that uses seasonal ingredients to flavor their Kombucha—run and get this flavor of Kombucha while it is still available!

-Marnie Rae

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