Let’s talk about getting out of your comfort zone 😊

When was the last time you did that? When was the last time you faced your fears about                    ?

It’s fun. And scary. And exhausting. And worth it.

I highly recommend it!

This entire mocktail journey has been one big experiment in facing my fears, good lord. TV, radio, podcasts, magazines, newspapers, events…all things that require me to show up and use my voice. Guys. This lady hasn’t done that in years. I’m not even here to give you some kind of wisdom about how to do it, if you’re here for that I’ll tell you to go follow Rachel Hollis. She is well versed in this subject 😊

I will say, the more I did it the easier it got. It was never EASY, but it was “easier”.

January was full of “out of the box” experiments for me, by the time February hit I was sick and exhausted. It literally took me a few months to find my groove again. Fortunately, The Universe is always looking out for me and realized it was time to start pushing myself a little again.

March came and I got an email. From none other than Darbie Angell – I would consider her a mentor from afar 😊 You need to take a look at what she’s accomplished and how she’s helped people, and here’s a few places you can do that:

So Darbie messages me and says, “Hey! We have our Spring Market here in NYC in April and we would love for you to come and serve our buyers some beautiful mocktails!” Holy cow. The opportunity to serve alcohol-free drinks to department store buyers AND to hang out with Darbie Angell in NYC? Now that’s an opportunity that’s pretty tough to refuse.

Thanks Universe for the push 😊

We worked hard at putting together some pricing for her but ultimately it didn’t work out as we hoped. And I realized that the market was during my son’s spring break – I only have 5 more spring breaks with him and I wasn’t sure I was willing to give that up.

Guys, I went round and round with this and had to have my team talk me off the ledge on numerous occasions. There were so many unknowns: I’ve never been to NYC, I’m not a bartender, logistics, on and on and on. I probably could have talked myself right out of it.

So I guess maybe there’s your tip: make sure you surround yourself with people that can see the things in you that you can’t. Make sure they’re comfortable calling you out on your baloney when they know you’re just making excuses.

While we didn’t get the job, the experience was the push I needed to keep exploring the limits of my comfort zone. And who’s to say you won’t see us at the fall market? 😉

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