You wouldn’t invite a vegetarian over for steak, would you?

Sometimes we live in a world that’s overly sensitive. And then sometimes it seems big and scary and really harsh. There’s gotta be a happy medium–a balance of sorts, some sort of harmony we’re all striving to find (at least I know I am). So how do we achieve this balance/happy medium/harmony thing?! I think it comes from those many levels of awareness, that come to us through different experiences, situations, and learning. And I think part of my responsibility here is to help you learn and grow, and gain that level of awareness you maybe didn’t possess before. Let’s

Soft cocktails, zero proof, alcohol free, mocktails; what do you call it?

Mocktails, alcohol free, zero proof, soft cocktails–these all mean the same thing around here. I used to be a little bummed when I heard the term “mocktail” be thrown around, because it felt like a little kid word–a little “baby” version of a cocktail, so I quickly started using the terms AF drink, soft cocktails, and zero proof. But, ya know what I’ve come to realize? All alcohol-free verbiage is a win in my book–and shoot, I am the freaking founder of National Mocktail Week, for goodness sake! But I wonder sometimes, when you’re searching for a recipe on Pinterest,

Associated Press, Washington Post, and Time Magazine!!!!

Wow, friends. We’re making some major headway–know how I know this? Associated Press, Washington Post, and TIME MAGAZINE ran an article about mocktails and the movement we’re all here pushing forward. Take a second and read through it–I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you feel compelled, I’d love to see it on your IG story (tag me so I can reshare!). Associated Press Time Magazine Washington Post -Marnie Rae

My Favorite Mocktail Creators

You guys! I am super excited about some things we’ve got in the hopper over here, I can’t share them yet but here’s a quote to give you a clue about one of them: “When unique voices are united in common cause, they make history.” ~ Gloria Steinem I’m just gonna leave you with that AND a list of some of my favorite mocktail creators! I encourage you to check them out on social and share with your people too:) The Mocktail Project – we love Jessie over here:) This guy is CREATING CHANGE like no other and helping those

Labor Day Drinks Pinterest Round-up

I cannot believe it is almost September! Like, what? Soon we will be bundled in boots and scarfs and watching football while it pours outside. Until then (we still have a tiny bit of summer left), i will leave you with a Pinterest round-up of yummy drinks that would make your Labor Day weekend a delicious, relaxing success! Watermelon Fizz Mocktail Watermelon, mint, and lime. Need i say more? If these ingredients all mixed together don’t make your mouth water then i don’t know what will! Cucumber Ginger Mint Agua Fresca Batch recipes are perfect for any holiday weekend! No

Mocktail Ingredient Brands I Love

Sourcing quality ingredients is actually something I really enjoy doing for a couple of reasons: 1. It takes these AF drinks to a whole new level, when the ingredients are fresh and of good quality. 2. I get to meet lots of cool people on the way–whether it’s the head of the company or someone I’m casually chatting with at the grocery store as we bond over the contents of our cart–so much of this movement is people. I wanted to jot down my favorites for you, so that you can snag a few of these items to have on

Alcohol Focused Lyrics

Alcohol is used for to “unwind from a hard day”, “be a mom”, “deal with a breakup”, and everything. in. between. So let’s take a quick dive into some lyrics that have me going Ummmm, no, this is not how it should be. “I can make anybody pretty. I can make you believe any lie. I can make you pick a fight with somebody twice your size. Well I’ve been known to cause a few breakups. And I’ve been known to cause a few births. I can make you new friends. Or get you fired from work.” Brad Paisley, Alcohol

5 Glasses I’m Loving From Amazon!

I thought it was time that we did a round up on the amazing glasses i have been finding on Amazon lately. I was sitting at a restaurant with my husband and his drink came out in this exact glass— he loved the glass so much we ordered them on Amazon on the spot! Get it here! If you didn’t think these came in a miniature version then you would be wrong! I used them as “tester” glasses at my friends party (you can see them in action here!), and they would be perfect for any drink your tasting! They

Friends Party Recap

My, oh my, I’m hoesntly not even sure where to start. Recapping this “Friends Party” I hosted is kinda a big feat–so let me start with the “why” behind it all. I wanted a place to gather with friends. I wanted a place to laugh and drink and eat and enjoy each others’ company. I wanted a place to showcase the newest Marnie Rae mocktail recipes. I wanted a place to talk a little about the movement, and a lot about what we all have going on in our lives. So I hosted my friends, in my home, served my

Recipe: Lavender Thyme Kombucha Sparkler

We are REALLY excited to showcase this drink as our Mocktail of the Month because it’s a zero-proof beverage you can only make during this time of the year as the kombucha is only in season for a little while. Head over to Iggy’s Alive and Cultured to get yourself some of their lavender kombucha. When you snag it, tell them ‘hi’ from Marnie Rae! Ingredients: ● 6 sprigs fresh Thyme ● ½ cup honey ● ½ cup water ● ¼ cup lemon juice, plus wedges for garnish ● 1 cup Iggy’s Lavender Thyme Kombucha Simple Syrup Instructions: In a