It’s maybe a little overdue to sharing this, but I couldn’t NOT highlight this article written by my friends at the Southernhay House. This little excerpt alone sets the tone:

“Alt-alc; it’s A Thing. While I can never see the point of, say, tofu pressed to resemble a burger (as there are perfectly good meat alternatives in abundance) I have some sympathy with teetotallers, forced to endure sticky, sweet and faintly patronising drinks while their alcohol lovin’ friends sink a cool Dirty Martini. Who wants to ask for a Shirley Temple, when a Bloody Mary just sounds so much more dangerous?”

And you know I agree.

The blog post talks about some of the alt-alc drinks they created for their bar:

  • Millennial Martini

  • Naked Negroni

  • Easy Tiger (an alt-alc Pina Colada with a passionate twist)

I think they get it–don’t you? Basically they understand that people want to have something “cool” and they don’t want to “compromise their social life or radically change their otherwise healthy habits”.

Southernhay House hopes that by adding in these alcohol-free cocktails, they’ll be able to “lure iGen back into bars” and we think they’re onto something.

I summed it up for you, but take a look here to get all the sarcastic humor.

-Marnie Rae

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