Alcohol is used for to “unwind from a hard day”, “be a mom”, “deal with a breakup”, and everything. in. between. So let’s take a quick dive into some lyrics that have me going Ummmm, no, this is not how it should be.

“I can make anybody pretty. I can make you believe any lie. I can make you pick a fight with somebody twice your size. Well I’ve been known to cause a few breakups. And I’ve been known to cause a few births. I can make you new friends. Or get you fired from work.”

Brad Paisley, Alcohol

“Blame it on the booze, got you feeling loose. Blame it on ‘tron, got you in the zone. Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol. Blame it on the a a a a a a alcohol.”

Jamie Foxx, Blame It

“Long-neck ice-cold beer never broke my heart. Like diamond rings and football teams have torn this boy apart. Like a neon dream, it just dawned on me, that bars and this guitar. And long-neck ice-cold beer never broke my heart.”
Luke Combs, Beer Never Broke My Heart

“I had 80 beers on Tuesday night, I had nothing to do with it. I put on a little Dwight and sang a happy tune. And lit a cigarette, stepped out the door, had an appearance. Drank more.”
Post Malone, Feeling Whitney

“She can handle any Champagne brunch bridal shower with Barcadi punch, Jello shooters full of Smirnoff. But tequila makes her clothes fall off.”

Joe Nichols, Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

“Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. Grab my glasses, I’m out the door; I’m gonna hit this city. Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack, ’cause when I leave for the night, I ain’t coming back.”
Kesha, Tik Tok

So here’s my big question: What is the music industry telling us?

Drink and things get better. Drink and you have more fun.

I’d LOVE to hear some of your favorite songs that talks about alcohol in a responsible way or maybe you can share a song that has the exact opposite message of these songs above. Post them below, I’d love to hear them!


Marnie Rae

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