It’s baby shower season (is there a baby shower season, or am i just making that up?) and Mother’s Day just around the corner (as in a few days), and I’m so excited to show off my top five non-alcoholic drinks to you!

The Sparkling Emilia

This is Marnie Rae recipe and at the last baby shower it made an appearance at it had even the alcohol drinkers switching teams for the day (not to mention it’s just so dainty and adorable!).

Lavender Mint Lemonade

Refreshing, simple, and perfect to drink while showering the mama-to-be with love!

Strawberry Citrus Blush

This is the PERFECT summer shower drink…YUMMMMMY! With three different strawberry ingredients and lemon zest and a few other things, this drink is going to have your friends talking, that’s for sure!

Easy Elderflower Mocktail
This one caught my eye because it’s pretty, and then I knew it was a home run when I saw how simple it was to make!

Lavender Infused Water

This is easy and needs no real “recipe”, simply infuse some lavender in water (you can add lemon too for a little extra something), then garnish with a lemon wedge and sprig of lavender.

If you try a recipe and LOVE it, even if you put your own spin on it, would you share that with me? Email photos and your story to!


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