Ah, West Elm! Anyone else love to browse and put a ton of stuff in their cart? Regardless of if you hit purchase or not, here are my top 5 glasses I am loving from West Elm! Now, go put them in your cart!

Ridged Stackable Glassware

I just love the feet of these glasses (glasses can have feet, right?), and the ridges are subtle and cute. I also love that they can be stacked in a cabinet- great for limited space!

All Around Drink Caddy

Ok, I definitely need this drink caddy, and you do too- for all of your summer activities. Great for the pool, back patio, or anywhere you need your drinks to travel. Also, can we talk about the hairpin legs on the caddy itself? It’s all in the details friends!

Trapeze Glassware

This set of 4 glasses are super unique- the lip of the glass is curved and brings an added flair to your standard glassware set. The variations of each glass included in the set are great for any drink and any occasion!

Schott Zwiesel Coupe

It’s my humble opinion that everyone should own a set of coupe glasses for their collection. So, if you’re in the market, these would be a fantastic addition to your bar cart. These dainty glasses can make any drink look sophisticated!

W&P Reusable Straws

If you’re really trying to cut down on single-use plastic like i am, then you should be adding reusable straws to your life. Not only are they so darn cute, they are also really useful (who likes to drink without a straw?).

-Marnie Rae

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