I thought it was time that we did a round up on the amazing glasses i have been finding on Amazon lately.

I was sitting at a restaurant with my husband and his drink came out in this exact glass— he loved the glass so much we ordered them on Amazon on the spot!

If you didn’t think these came in a miniature version then you would be wrong! I used them as “tester” glasses at my friends party (you can see them in action here!), and they would be perfect for any drink your tasting! They are just the cutest!

These are the cutest colored glasses i have seen in a long time! They aren’t like your typical vintage glassware—these suckers are durable and chip resistant!

I am a huge fan of the look of these tumblers—you don’t just have to drink alcohol to have an excuse to use these cuties!

This glass is very diner like to me—there is just something so nostalgic about that!

Do you all like glassware as much as i do, or am i alone? Let me know in the comments!

-Marnie Rae

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